inspire hypnosis professional hypnotist internship certificate of completion.

This certificate says it all. You learned it. You did it. You excelled.

Participate in the Daily Activities of a Successful Hypnosis Practice — It's Awesome

You learn the specifics and insights into the successful management of a professional hypnosis practice, real time, in the real world

After completion of the Advanced course, MHS makes an Internship available by invitation only. Internships by their nature are very limited in the number we can accommodate. Only our most successful students qualify.

You learn how a successful hypnosis practice operates from the inside. You see hypnosis sessions performed real time with a consenting client. Office procedures, customer service, phone skills, administrative responsibilities, group management and virtually everything you would need to know to make an intelligent decision on hypnosis as a career before you invest your time, energy and funds into a new practice.

MHS's Internship accomplishes several goals. You get real time experience with paying clients in an actual hypnosis environment. Rely on your Master Hypnotist to answer questions and offer access to his/her vast experience in the field. Most importantly, MHS's Internships are developed for the specific purpose of preparing you for the MHS Practice Mentorship program. The ultimate hypnosis practice building strategy.

Internship Includes…

  • Business Considerations, Law and Licenses
  • Profit and Loss Statments
  • Cost of Sales
  • Return on Investment Ratios
  • What to Charge
  • How to Charge
  • Site Location
  • Office Layout
  • Bookkeeping and Taxes
  • Hiring and Firing
  • Results Environment
  • Office Forms
  • Client Policies and Procedures
  • Free Screening Consultation
  • Telephone and Receptionist Requirements
  • Programs vs. Single Sessions
  • Endorsement Acquisition
  • Advertising
  • Internal and External Marketing
  • Net Profit Generation System
  • Public Relations
  • Client Endorsement Video
  • Filing
  • Image
  • Merchant Cards
  • Program Structure
  • Client Support Team
  • 1 X 1 X 1 = Infinity Referral System
  • Success Store
  • Business Surge Promo's
  • Physician Referrals
  • Your Newsletter
  • How to Guarantee
  • Session Enhancements
  • Complaints
  • Client Service and Care
  • Most Profitable Applications
  • Seasons
  • Employee Benefit Packages
  • Stage Set
  • Components of Effective Sessions
  • Conversational Marketing

If you are interested in participating in a MHS Professional Hypnotist Training at Inspire Hypnosis, call (530) 387-6644 to schedule your free training interview.


Just Announced:

Perception-eering Training w/Scott McFall

DATE: October 13-16
LOCATION: Redding — Holiday Inn on Hilltop Drive

Call now for more info and to reserve seating.

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cathy ochs, founder of integrative medicine physician assistant assc.
"Marge Perry is committed to her client's and student's success. It's one of, if not her prime, motivator. She walks the walk. Talks the talk and delivers consistent results. Referring patients in need of hypnosis to Inspire Hypnosis is a no-brainer."
—Cathy Ochs, PA-C
President, Integrative Medicine Physician Assistant Association California